Seaweed based products for the dairy industry

Seaweed specialists with experience in dairy practice

Agroflux is a Dutch startup-company that specializes in application of seaweed and seaweed-derived products as specialty feed for dairy cows. The company has extensive expertise on seaweeds, cattle nutrition and ruminant physiology.

Application of Agroflux SeaSpirit Mix results in:

SeaSpirit Mix: Proven value in daily practice

The added value of using seaweed in the dairy sector is to be found in the animal health-promoting bioactive compounds. Agroflux has developed its own concentrates feed called SeaSpirit Mix containing red, green and brown seaweeds, specially selected for ruminants.

A full year pilot on a Dutch dairy farm of 100 cows resulted in an of 5% increase in milk production and significantly more efficient feed conversion rate. In general: seaweed supplementation results a healthier transition cow with a much improved udder health.

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Full year tested on Dutch dairy farm of 100 cows

Agroflux contributes to higher margins and more sustainable production in dairy farming

The power of seaweed

The power of macroalgae is in the seaweed-specific polysaccharides, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, (organically bound) minerals and other bioactive substances that are not present in land plants.

The algae in Seasprit Cow are each selected based on their bioactive agents with bioactive effects for improved rumen and gut health and immunomodulating properties boosting the immune system.

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In today's market, the main focus is on cost, next to the important preconditions environment, animal health, milk quality and antibiotics use reduction. The field trial showed that the application of Agroflux SeaSpirit Mix resulted in significantly better results in all these areas.

The team consists of a Dutch seaweed trading firm, an experienced cattle nutritionalist and a chemist with a background in medical research.

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